What are T-Ball Player Positions?

T-ball is a game like baseball. The T-ball game is for the children of age 4 to 8 years. T-ball is played by the soft ball just like baseball. The children’s play this game to be active. The t-ball allows the young children’s to learn how to do batting, bowling, running and catching etc it is the  bases that are being taught to the young children’s they will know how to hit the ball. The t-ball is played with soft ball so that it will be safe for children’s that they will not get injured by the ball.

T-Ball Player Positions

As we know that T-ball is game just like baseball but it is for children’s of age 4 to 8. So every game has its position but the T-ball can be played in many different positions. They are as follows:

Position No 1

The pitcher actually is the very important person in the game. The job of the pitcher is start the game by throwing the ball in a position to strike into the zone to catcher.

Position No 2:

Catcher stands behind the home plate. They wear the helmet, the face guard, the chest plate and the legging for the protection. Catcher gets the pitches from pitcher.

Position No 3:

The most of the outs are made by the first base. The fielder usually throws the ball to the first base to make out.

Position No 4:

The second base positioned needs more speed. The hands of the positioned should be quick because they usually have to run after catching the ball.

Position No 5:

The third base player needs to be active and strong. They need to react quickly to hit the field hardly for which should the third base positioned be strong.

Position No 6:

The short stop should develop sound at the time of throwing to make accurate throw to 1st. for this position also the strong speed and quick hands are required.

Position No 7:

Left fielder is just behind the third base player. They covers are wide area.

Position No 8:

The most area is covered by the center fielder. They are just behind the second base positioned.

Position No 9:

The right fielder does not cover the as much area as covered by the left fielder and the center fielder. They are just behind the first base and second base.

As the T-ball game is played by the children’s the game have interesting rules and special care of security purpose is taken. The helmet, face guard, chest plate and legging are used for protections of children’s though the game is played by soft ball but the children’s are sensitive so special care is taken for them. The proper positioning will help children’s to learn batting, catching, running and throwing etc. there are different positions in this game they are pitcher, catcher, first base, second base, third base, shortstop, left field, center field , right field.

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